Best of Guatemala - 9 Days

An epic transformative journey from the beautiful Colonial City of Antigua to the mystical Mayan highlands & Lake Atitlan

Best of Guatemala - 9 Days

An epic transformative journey from the beautiful Colonial City of Antigua to the mystical Mayan highlands & Lake Atitlan

Your epic 9 day expedition from the Mayan Central Valley with its mountains and active volcanoes to the mystical Mayan highlands, home of the indigenous Mayan culture alive and energetic sacred sites. When you think of Guatemala, you probably think of ancient civilizations and culture, native and indigenous peoples, Mayan sacred sites, active volcanoes, mountains, colonial cities, and with this transformative and adventure journey, you are going to experience them and many other surprises along the way. You will experience the highlights of the country, having the experience of visiting the colonial city and World Heritage of Antigua, the Pacaya and Acatenango volcanoes hike, the Mayan site of Iximche, and the magical Atitlan lake.


  • Guatemala city visit
  • Antigua visit (World Heritage Site)
  • Lake Atitlan and boat ride
  • Pacaya & Acatenango Active Volcanoes Hike
  • Mayan site of Iximche
  • Indigenous Community visit & Mayan workshops of Juan La Laguna
  • Visit the Magical Panajachel town
  • Paddle Board and kayaking, and a sacred Mayan fire ceremony

Starting days:

Departures are booked on demand. We are also able to customize the itinerary to fit your needs. Please inquire.

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Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to Guatemala - Colonial Town of Antigua

Welcome by your team at the Aurora International Airport (GUA) and private transportation (at any time) to the beautiful and colonial City of La Antigua Guatemala, a magical town full of charm and probably the most visited one in the country.

Free time to explore (try to arrive in the country before midday and enjoy the sunset in Antigua with tea, coffee, or drinks), rest and prepare yourself for your upcoming transformative journey.  

Meals: None.

Lodging: Porta Hotel Antigua (Premium room)

Activities: Welcome transfer and sightseeing

Day 2: Pacaya Active Volcano Hike

Pacaya active volcano; also known as the torch of the Americas and your lava encounters.

Typical breakfast and your transfer to the pacific coast until the Pacaya Volcano and Calderas Lagoon national park, so get ready for nature and adventure by hiking its interpretive trails of massive, rugged dried lava fields, magma stones, and steaming boilers (scorching).

The volcano is surrounded by magnificent and breathtaking views of the Agua, Fuego & Acatenango volcanoes.

This hike is the least challenging volcano hike, but that doesn't mean that's easy. It's perfect for a group of friends or families in search of a hot adventure and as a preparation for the Acatenango volcano so that you start to get used to the heights.

Connect with this impressive volcano's energy, and if we are lucky enough (and believe us that you are going to), the Pacaya and Acatenango (both active volcanoes) will set up a lava show for you! Because just recently, Pacaya has become more active again.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch.

Lodging: Porta Hotel Antigua (Premium room).

Activities: Pacaya active volcano hiking tour.

Day 3: Antigua Guatemala Walking Tour

Antigua Guatemala walking tour, culture and art related.

Typical breakfast followed by your exploration of the colonial city by walking its most significant cobblestone streets and trendy hotspots, including the central plaza, cathedral, history and art museums, jade stores (the sacred stone of the Mayans), fantastic handicraft markets, and much more.

Visit a local cafe and try probably one of the best coffees you have ever tried, la Calle del Arco (the Arch street), and El Mirador El Cerro de la Cruz (with a fantastic panoramic view of the city).

Lunch and the rest of the day it's entirely yours ​​so you can relax and rest because tomorrow you climb the volcano Acatenango.

Meals: Breakfast.

Lodging: Porta Hotel Antigua (Premium room).

Activities: Antigua Guatemala walking tour and leisure time.

Day 4: Acatenango Volcano Overnight Hike

Acatenango volcano overnight! Prepare yourself for a truly adventure with astonishing views and countless lava eruptions.

Today is your visit to the famous Acatenango volcano, and you are going to make things properly by experiencing a sunset, a sunrise, and sleeping under the stars next to the acclaimed and active Volcan de Fuego (Fire volcano).

So, don’t forget to pack your hiking clothes (a warm sweater, layer, fleece, rain jacket / windbreaker, and quick-drying leggings), a good pair of trainers, a hat, and sunscreen. The temperature and weather of Acatenango vary significantly from around 20+ degrees Celsius (68+ Fahrenheit) during the day as you hike up and get down to below 0 Celsius (32F) at night.

Breakfast and your transportation to the massive volcanoes complex, for the beginning of your challenging and elevating hike, around 6 hours and until 4,000 above the Pacific coastal plain.

Walk your way up the volcano and be able to notice the change in climates and ecosystems upwards by crossing hot cornfields and other ones infused with cloud forests, then a humid tropical setting, and the closer you get to the basecamp, the more volcanic ash and rubble with a cold environment and genuinely breathtaking panoramic views.  

Water, snacks and tropical fruits on the way and until your ascension to the summit. At the basecamp, rest and relax for the remainder of the day, or if you wish and you feel in condition to do so, we can continue with the path a little more (one hour) and get as close as possible to the Fuego volcano followed up by a  one-of-a-kind sunset before your hot and well deserved dinner.

The reward and the most epic part of this adventure camping experience is watching Fuego Volcano erupting lava with a colossal “bang” next to you during the night.

Honestly, it’s just breathtaking, speechless, and perfect for that photo moment.

Meals: All
Lodging: Camping at Acatenango
Activities: Acatenango volcano hiking tour and camping

Day 5: Acatenango Volcano Hike

Early wake up before dawn, for even more breathtaking views, since it is during the morning when the skies are clearest.

Breakfast back at the campsite, and the beginning of your descent (approx 4-5 hours) followed by your drive to Antigua.  Enjoy lunch in town, and rest during the afternoon.

Meals: Breakfast.

Lodging: Porta Hotel Antigua (Premium room).

Activities: Volcano Hiking and leisure time at Antigua.

Day 6: Visit the Sacred Archeological Site of Iximche

Sacred archeological site of Iximche (the Mayan tree of life) and Lake Atitlan with its indigenous communities and Mayan workshops of Juan La Laguna:

Morning typical breakfast and the beginning of your journey through the Mayan highlands, most known as the sectors of our indigenous Mayan culture alive. Areas surrounded by beautiful landscapes of mountains, volcanoes, indigenous communities, and all kinds of crops until Iximche (Ixim = Corn & Chee = Tree).

A very important and energetic sacred site where the ancient Mayans founded their last capital, and your exploration of its palaces, plazas, ball game, its museum, and its fire ceremonial zone. Really a place full of history and mysticism.

Later on, continue your way to the town of Panajachel, located on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Atitlan, and the place where you are going to take a boat ride and cross its crystalline waters until the small, picturesque, and charming town of San Marcos la Laguna (your home base at Atitlan).

Lunch and a cultural afternoon, full of ancestral knowledge by visiting the indigenous town of San Juan La Laguna by learning from their community social projects, focused on preserving alternative and natural medicine, primitivist painting, natural dyeing, and beekeeping.

And last but not least, end your epic day with the relaxing experience of the Mayan sauna or Temazcal (the house of hot stones), whose ancestral purpose is therapeutic. Seeking relaxation and detoxification of your body and calm for your mind until finding inner peace. Actually, after everything that you had done before, it was time to relax and pamper yourself. Overnight in a boutique Hotel in Atitlan.

Meals: Breakfast.

Lodging: Hotel boutique Lush Atitlan (suite room).

Activities: Iximche visit, boat ride (Lake Atitlan), San Juan (Tour & workshops), and sauna.

Day 7: Paddle Board and Kayaking & Sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony

Paddle Board and kayaking in the mystical Lake, and your sacred Mayan fire ceremony:

Aldous Huxley’s described Atitlan as “too much of a good thing, it touches the limit of the permissibly picturesque” and we know that you will just love it too.

Early breakfast followed by paddle board and kayaking on the Lake's crystalline and calm waters surrounded by its majestic 03 volcanoes (San Pedro, Atitlan, and Toliman).

Experience the day-to-day life of the Lake inhabitants, standing out among them their multiple farmers and fishers and a easy morning in San Marcos to explore the town and their unique landscapes.  

Time for lunch followed by your immersion in the Mayan sacred fire carried out by a timekeeper and your connection with the spirit of the “kakaw” or cocoa also known by the ancient Mayans as the “flesh of the Gods” and consider pure medicine for your heart and soul.

Meals: Breakfast.

Lodging: Hotel boutique Lush Atitlan (suite room).

Activities: Paddleboard, kayak, and San Marcos La Laguna visit with a Mayan sacred fire ceremony.

Day 8: Boat trip to Panajachel

Local breakfast followed by a relaxed morning at the Lake and your boat trip back to Panajachel, for you to explore this beautiful town and your transport across the highlands until Antigua. Because today is your last night in the Mayan lands, you are going to have the perfect time celebrating life, and a delicious special goodbye dinner.

Meals: Breakfast and dinner.

Lodging: Porta Hotel Antigua (Premium room).

Activities: Leisure in Atitlan, Panajachel sightseeing and boat ride.

Day 9: Transfer to Guatemala City Airport

Final transfer to Guatemala City airport, goodbye & the end of your services:

Morning breakfast and your final transfer to the Airport to be there 3 hours before your departure time. Goodbye from your team and until the next time! Buen Camino.

Meals: breakfast.

Lodging: none.

Activities: Exit transfer and sightseeing.

Additional Trip Info

  • Entrance tickets, tours and activities
  • Professional, certified & authorized English guide and transportation
  • Meals - All the meals described on the itinerary with a typical and international fusion flavor. All of them are really tasty and big enough to satisfy anybody. Note: If required, we can provide vegetarian / vegan options.
  • Hotel lodging: Single or double rooms with a private bathroom (toilet & hot shower) and all the amenities. Note: If required, we can upgrade our lodging to our deluxe hotels.
  • Boat rides: Round trip Panajachel - San Marcos / San Marcos - Panajachel.
  • 24/7 guest support.
  • All transfers between hotels and activities
  • All mentioned activities
  • All breakfasts
  • Day 2 & 4 lunch, Day 4 & 8 dinner.
  • International flights
  • Some meals
  • All the drinks at restaurants
  • Tips (tour leader, local guides, driver, etc)
  • Personal expenses of any kind

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