Some Things about FPC

Why are we different?

We are passionate about what we do, and our ultimate goal is to transform your perspective on the world. Through our impactful travel experiences, we offer unique and exclusive adventures that span the globe. As the most experienced team of adventure travel enthusiasts, we curate handcrafted trips, extracting the very essence of adventure from each country we explore.

The Team

With our diverse team, we are dedicated to curating and crafting adventures that are truly one-of-a-kind, unmatched by any other. Our unwavering focus is on our customers, and we will be with you every step of the way, from your initial contact with us to the entire duration of your journey. Our utmost commitment is to ensure you have the best possible trip experience, leaving you eager to return for more unforgettable adventures.

Our Guides

Each of our local guides has been meticulously hand-selected by our team, ensuring that you are in the most capable hands throughout your travels. With certified mountain guides and specialized staff, we are equipped to meet all of your travel needs. Our top priority is safety, while our true passion lies in adventure. Let our knowledgeable in-country locals lead you on the life-changing trip you have been yearning for.

What is a Flashpacker?

Built on the foundation of a backpacker, the flashpacker seeks an authentic travel experience without compromising on comfort and convenience. Embracing off-the-beaten-path adventures and the carry-on lifestyle, flashpackers blend the spirit of exploration with the mindset of a vacationer, savoring every second of their journeys. Join us in creating a new kind of travel - experiencing more by sacrificing less - where we forge unforgettable memories and redefine adventure travel for like-minded individuals who relish the thrill of the unknown without giving up the pleasures of the familiar. Welcome to the world of flashpacking!

Meet the Team

Brandon Morris
Always seeking to pioneer the next great adventure, Brandon and LeAnn started the company FlashpackerConnect in 2015, when they lead the first trekking operation to the Rainbow Mountain in Peru. Since then, they have expanded operations globally. Brandon seeks to inspire and change perspectives through unique and exclusive adventures across the planet.
LeAnn Morris
LeAnn's love for travel and the outdoors is contagious and will shine through in any interaction. Managing the sales team, LeAnn oversees the entire communication process and ensures all questions are answered in full detail.
Lorena Maya
Travel Specialist
For the past 12 years, I've had the privilege of assisting our travelers in embracing the magic of travel, by crafting unforgettable memories. With a deep sense of pride in my South American roots, I am thrilled to share the marvels of my home continent through FlashpackerConnect, offering others the chance to explore new destinations, immerse in diverse cultures, and embark on transformative journeys that foster personal growth.
Romina Rossell
Travel Specialist
My passion for exploration and cultural immersion has driven me to craft personalized trips, drawing on my extensive knowledge of diverse destinations. With over 11 years of expertise in the tourism industry, I have harmoniously blended my love for travel with a deep appreciation for each country's culture and nature, curating extraordinary experiences for adventurers seeking unforgettable journeys worldwide.
Scott Mcleod
Business Consultant
Scott heads up legal and contractual aspects of the business. He offers a wealth of business knowledge to our team.
Darren Squashic
Web Designer
As our website designer and developer, Darren brings experience working with the outdoor gear industry as well as shooting adventure and travel photography.









We bring travelers together

At FlashpackerConnect, we unite like-minded, active adventurers, fostering lasting friendships between our team and travelers. Our primary goal is to establish a bond of trust and reliability, ensuring you consider your guide not just as a trip leader but as a true friend. Although everyone starts as strangers at the beginning of the adventure, by journey's end, we become a closely-knit travel family that spans across cities and countries around the world!

Our History

FlashpackerConnect started on the idea of exposing active travelers to the planet's best adventures. Founded in the Andes of Peru, FlashpackerConnect pioneered the first trail to the Rainbow Mountain, bringing the first travelers to the location in 2015. Since then, we have expanded across the world offering unique handpicked adventures you won't find anywhere else.

Our Motive

Our company prides itself in delivering the best experiences by connecting our travelers with the best local guides and experts. We hire and support local communities and organizations in every country we operate, this allows for the most sustainable and authentic experiences for our flashpackers. " A Flashpacker is an affluent backpacker, someone who wants to be a traveler not a tourist, and wants to travel in the comfort of adventure travel experts that have curated their travel experience."

Our Goal

Our goal is always to deliver on our promises. We provide qualified guides and staff that will ensure the safety of your travel experiences. Our team will be there through out the booking process and trip to help with questions along the way ensuring a seamless trip. Our company always partners and supports the local communities through employment and giveback initiatives to infuse sustainable relationships and protect the natural resources of each country.

Featured Blog Posts

Our blog will keep you up to date on whats new in Adventure Travel. Stay tuned for inspring travel stories, tips and videos that will fuel your next adventure.

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