Glamping Domes Uyuni Salt Flats - Bolivia - 3 Days

Glamp in the remote Altiplano of Bolivia

Glamping Domes Uyuni Salt Flats - Bolivia - 3 Days

Glamp in the remote Altiplano of Bolivia

Enjoy 3 days of exploration across the Uyuni Salt Flats of Bolivia, while utilizing the Eco Domes as your basecamp. The Kashi Lodge Domes are set on a wooden platform near a cacti covered island, the six domes turn a stay on the altiplano into the most luxurious adventure. The visionary mind-set of its founders pushes the boundaries of sustainable travels further: cutting edge green infrastructures, commitment to local culture and communities are a daily reality. Operational all year round.

Kachi Lodge has a capacity of 6 domes /18 guests maximum. The lodge is sold as an all inclusive experience, minimum stay 2 nights.

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Trip Itinerary

Activities - Cultural


At Kachi Lodge we will look to tailor your visit to your interests and preferences, as such we do not put together any set itineraries for our guests. To help give you an idea of some of the activities on offer however, please find below a selection of alternatives.

Most activities are classed as half day activities, however many can be combined to make a full day exploring the local area.


Half day activity, approx. 1 hour drive from the lodge

The communities around the northern edge of the Salar de Uyuni are a mix of the indigenous Quechua and Aymara cultures, meaning their history and traditions are often combined. The impressively preserved burial site of Alcaya is a good example of this, and located at the foot of the spiritual peak that is the Thunupa volcano, makes for a magical setting.

Exploring the different burial sites and impressive stone constructions, together with your Kachi guide and one of the local villagers, you will be able to see preserved individuals buried hundreds and thousands of years ago,together with their possessions, so that they wouldn’t enter the next life empty handed. Alongside this, you will have the opportunity to visit a local villager’s home and share in their daily life for a short while.


2-3 hour activity, a short drive or bike ride to the village

The main subsistence activities of the local communities (apart from salt harvesting) are llama farming and quinoa plantations. Here you will be able to learn with the locals what this means in reality. Join Carlos for his daily routine of herding and tending to the llamas, with opportunity to get as stuck in as you would like. Learn the local process of creating llama jerky, and of course give it a try.

Alongside this, Berta’s quinoa plantation will help demonstrate the origin of one of world’s current superfoods. Bolivia is one of the biggest producers of quinoa, and this region of the altiplano is one of the ideal environments for its production. Depending on the season, get involved in the planting,harvesting or processing of the quinoa grain.


1-2 hour activity, short drive from Kachi Lodge

A short drive from the lodge, Coquesa is a beautifully preserved village, with impressive colonial constructions. Visit the local church, museum and enjoy the peaceful charm of the community.

Activities - Adventure


At Kachi Lodge we will look to tailor your visit to your interests and preferences, as such we do not put together any set itineraries for our guests. To help give you an idea of some of the activities on offer however, please find below a selection of alternatives.

Most activities are classed as half day activities, however many can be combined to make a full day exploring the local area.


3 hour activity, 1 hour drive from the lodge

For the adventure seeker, this is one of the more extreme activities on offer. Driving up to nearly5,000m, the view of the Salar from up high is your first treat. From here, it really is downhill all the way, and you can enjoy the challenging twists and turns on the dirt roads back down to “Salar Level”at 3,600m.

It is recommended that participants in this activity are confident off road on a mountain bike,however your guide will be there to help give instruction and advice.


Half day activity

The volcano Thunupa is considered one of the energy centers for the local communities, and what better way to experience its magnificence than reaching the edge of the crater at 5,000m. A challenging 4x4 track on the western side of the peak can take us much of the way, with a 1 1⁄2 hour trek to the crater itself sure to take your breath away. The summit itself, at 5,300m is a much more technical climb, but your vantage point on the crater’s edge is more accessible,and equally rewarding with the view it will give you. Descend via the same route, and then return via the Salar to the Lodge for a well earned lunch (or dinner).

Activities - Magical Drives


Half day activity

This will generally be your first activity on arrival into Uyuni, since driving across the Salar is the way to access Kachi Lodge. On route however, we will take some detours to visit some of the less frequented “islands” found in the middle of the Salar. Also, while the Salar itself is only flooded at certain times of the year, you will always find the impressive “Ojos de Sal”, natural pools of water which often create beautiful large salt crystal formations.

A private picnic lunch on the Salar itself is a special experience, with Gustu Restaurant’s gastronomy adding to the magic of your meal.

The Salar is also a photographer’s dream for many, with unique tricks of perspective taking place due to the clean air and high altitude. Your guide will be on hand to help bring this to life for you.

Finally, a visit to the Salinas to learn about the salt extraction process with help demonstrate the financial as well as ecological importance of this zone, and the difficult balance that exists to maintain both.

Activities - At the Lodge


1 hour activity, close to the lodge

People may have heard of the “Incahuasi Island” in the middle of the Salar. It is a beautiful setting, however has become extremely busy with visitors in recent years. Fortunately, at Kachi Lodge we have our own “mini Incahuasi” just 500m from the lodge. Just 80m of ascent on a zig zag trail, it is the perfect spot to enjoy sunrise or sunset, or just to stretch your legs at any point.


With telescopes and expert guides on hand to bring this to life for you, a clear night sky on the Salar is a common occurrence, and the lack of artificial light means you can enjoy the constellations more fully than almost anywhere on the planet. As well as the constellations, you can learn about the Andean cosmology, and the different belief that the ancient cultures had about the night sky.


With bicycles available to explore the Salar, you have the expanse of the Salt Flats (and the convenience that it is flat!) to explore at your leisure, either on your own or with your guide.

Additional Details


We consider that food is another way to discover a country and its culture. Who else could be the best at delivering authentic and inventive cuisine at Kachi Lodge if not muti-awarded Gustu Restaurant in La Paz?

Gustu restaurant was established in early 2013, aiming to become a showcase of the great potential of Bolivia’s production, culture and biodiversity, with the dream of making Bolivian gastronomic culture an engine for national development.

Celebrated as one of South America’s best restaurants, Gustu, in La Paz, believes “it can change the world through food”. Founded by Claus Meyer, the visionary behind Copenha-gen’s Noma side by side with chef Rene Redzepi, Gustu is most and before all a project led to reveal the potential of Bolivia’s unearthed, raw ingredients. Gustu - which means « a-vour» in Quechua language – strictly creates a haute cuisine from native Bolivian products, local foods and ancient knowledge. On this journey to better understand Bolivia ́s eco-systems, Gustu signed a partnership with Kachi to oversee the lodge’s food and beverage.Set up behind the main dome, a smaller dome welcomes a state of the art kitchen where resident chefs work daily

Inspiring daily cooked meals served in unique ceramic dishes craft a unique gastronomic journey through Bolivia’s rich biodiversity: the experience is made complete with local wines, a herbal tea station and upcoming culinary workshops.


The word Altiplano says it all. Kachi Lodge is located at 3’600 M / 12’000 Ft.and some activities will take you over 4’000 M / 13’000 Ft It takes a little while to get used to the altitude. That’s why we would recommend you to do some acclimatization at a lower altitude before coming to Kachi Lodge so you can get the best out of your experience with us. There are no strenuous activities, so if you’re in acceptable physical condition, you’ll be all  fine. Kachi Lodge provides medical oxygen bottles, masks and an in a table hyperbaric chamber in case of emergency. Staff at Kachi lodge has received basic first aid training on the use of these systems.

If you’re still concerned about your capacity to cope with high altitude, you should consult your doctor. Some tests can also be performed at specific medical centers.


The dry season usually runs from late April to end of October. The rain season starts in November/December till the beginning of April. During the dry season, you will experience crystal clear skies, sunny weather...and cold temperatures at night (down to -15°C/5°F) Our domes are heated so don’t be afraid to be cold inside). During the day T° goes up to about 12°C/50°F. Driving on the flats at that time of the year is easy.

During the rain season, temperatures are much higher, Day temperatures can reach a good 20°C/ 68°F and night temperatures barely reach 0°C/32°F. Rain usually falls during thunderstorms at the end of the afternoon. At that time of the year,with higher chances during January and February, you can experience the amazing mirror effect, when the  flats are flooded with a few inches of water. It’s still possible to drive on the Salar at that time, but depending on the level of water, you might need to take a longer route to access to Kachi Lodge from Uyuni and to some other sites.


Kachi Lodge is designed to o er the maximum of comfort to our guests i.e. comfy bedding with thick duvet, private bathroom with running hot water, towels, wardrobe, ambience lightning and proper heating to keep you away from the cold. Housekeeping is done daily. However, don’t forget that you’re about to live an experience close to nature with a camp spirit, so it’s not to be compared to a luxury hotel room.

Additional Trip Info

  • 2 nights in a luxury dome
  • Full board meals provided by award winning Chef Gustu including soft drinks, tea, coffee and wine
  • All listed activities available with private guide and car
  • Transfers in/out from Uyuni airport
  • Local taxes
  • Other services not mentioned in the itinerary, tips, extras

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