Manu Jungle Tour - 5 Days

Ecological tours to the Amazon, Manu National Park - From Cusco Peru

Manu Jungle Tour - 5 Days

Ecological tours to the Amazon, Manu National Park - From Cusco Peru

5 day tour: With fixed departures on Wednesdays

7 day tour: With fixed departures on Fridays

*Please note Manu is only reached by overland Bus or Van

5 Day Overview:

Entering by bus down the Manu Road with an overnight stop in the cloud forest, then two nights in the lowland forest of Pantiacolla Lodge at the foot of the Pantiacolla Mountain Range (Andean foothill), and returning to Cusco by boat and car with another overnight in the cloud forest.

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Trip Itinerary

DAY 1: Cusco - Cloud Forest

Leaving Cusco early in the morning, we begin an 8-hour journey over the Andes by bus, stopping for breakfast at the beautiful colonial village of Paucartambo. Continuing, we climb to the highpoint of the Manu Biosphere at about 4000m before descending to the cloud forest. In these green and moist surroundings we take our first long walk. There are many bird species to be seen among which the beautiful paradise tanager, umbrella bird and the golden headed quetzal. Among its butterflies are clouded yellows and various skippers. The cloud forest has three monkey species: the woolly monkey plus the two capuchin monkeys of Manu. There are plenty of other mammal species, but they are more difficult to see. We end our walk at the lek of the strange looking cock-of-the-rock, to watch the dancing and singing ‘performance’ of the males right under our eyes. We spend the night in the rustic lodge Posada San Pedro (appr. 1,600m).

DAY 2: Cloud Forest - Cocha Machuhuasi – Pantiacolla Lodge

At daybreak we continue by bus to tropical lowland rainforest, stopping along the way to visit a coca plantation. Arriving at the small village Atalaya at 650m, we change into a motorized canoe to navigate some 40 minutes down the fast Alto Madre de Dios River. Then we take a 30 minute walk to one of the very view lakes on the Alto Madre de Dios River. You can go around this small lake on traditional balsa rafts and from there admire the enormous rainforest variety in aquatic birds, such as the moscovy duck, neotropic cormorant, anhinga, the white- necked and capped herons and the prehistoric looking hoatzin. Usually the water is clean enough to be able to see many tropical fish we may know from aquaria at home. It is common to see squirrel monkeys or others, in the trees around. In the late afternoon we continue down the river to Pantiacolla lodge, right at the foot of the Pantiacolla Mountain Range. The forest of Pantiacolla Lodge is a very special rainforest: this is where the Andes and the lowland tropical rainforest of the Amazon meet and it provides you with a chance to see a good selection of birds and plants from bóth zones as well as endemics to the area. Your first walk will be at night, exploring the forest by torchlight looking for insects, lizards, snakes and the only nocturnal night-monkey, or 'douricouli', on Earth. We spend the night in Pantiacolla Lodge.

DAY 3: Clay lick for parrots - Monk Saki Trail

Early in the morning, around the same time the howler monkeys start their morning ritual of howling, the boat takes you to a nearby parrot lick: you can see at least seven species, among which the blue-headed and yellow crowned parrots, the white-eyed parakeet and the small blue-headed and chestnut fronted macaws. Their

spectacle is both loud and busy! Afterwards we visit the trails of Pantiacolla to see more of its over 600 bird species, including the pale winged trumpeter, the piping guan, its eight monkey species, such as the dusky titi monkey or the elusive monk saki monky, and its other mammals such as the white lipped and collared peccaries, ocelots, squirrels, bats and red brocket deer. Here glasswing butterflies are common on the shady trails and Callicores and Panaceas at the open areas. With luck, one will meet the famous morpho butterfly with its iridescent blue wings. At night we visit Ranacocha, “Frog Lake”, to look for tree frogs, poison dart frogs and others. Overnight in Panctiacolla Lodge.

DAY 4: Hot springs - Cloud Forest

In the morning we walk on some of the many trails around the lodge, and hope to see more monkeys and maybe coatis or even a tayra hunting for small creatures in the trees. By now, we can start to distinguish some of the trees in the forest, such as the ceiba (kapok), the capirona (naked tree) and several palm species. After lunch, the boat takes us to the Hot Springs of Shintuya for a relaxing mineral bath, before continuing further up to Atalaya. From here we turn back up the Andes by bus. Along the way we stop at an orchid garden, set up with much care and enthusiasm by a local inhabitant. The night is spent at Posada San Pedro.

DAY 5: Cloud forest - Cusco

Early in the morning we have another walk through the forest; as always it is teeming with life and by now many birds, monkeys, insects, trees and plants are familiar to us. We walk till our bus picks us up to take us to Cusco. We arrive in the late afternoon

Additional Trip Info

  • Naturalist guide in English and Spanish
  • Transportation Cusco/Atalaya & Boca Colorado/Mazuco/Cusco by private vehicle (van or bus)
  • Transportation by private boat: Atalaya/Pantiacolla Lodge/Lake Salvador/Tambo Blanquillo/Boca Colorado
  • Overnights in lodges and camping huts
  • Excursions mentioned in the programme
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Water at any time and warm drinks or lemonades with meals
  • Guide book for rainforest of Manu – Talking About Manu
  • Entrance fee Reserved Zone
  • Soft drinks and beers
  • Personal expenses

Why is Manu special?

  • Manu in Peru still stands tall and teems with life, untouched by man, as one of the last places on Earth. And you can be there to experience this real nature!
  • There are many incredible animals that live in this jungle, such as Spider Monkeys, Giant Otters, Night Monkeys, Tapirs, Black Caiman, Jaguars and many others
  • Interested in birds or butterflies? Manu is THE place for you, with over 1000 recorded bird and uncountable butterfly species
  • Manu includes many ecosystems, from the over 4000 m in the Andes through elfin and cloud forest, down to lowland forest at only 300 m above sea level

Why Us?

  • One of the owners was born and raised in Manu, the other is a biologist; we have the skills and knowledge for an exciting, responsible and safe jungle adventure
  • Pantiacolla has its own rustic but comfortable lodges throughout the route
  • We reinvest profits to protect Manu and surrounding rainforests
  • We involve indigenous people in all our tours

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