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Treehouse Lodge Peru: Why this is likely the best jungle Lodge in the Amazon!

We get many questions about choosing the best Amazon Jungle Lodge. This blog helps answer some of the most common questions we receive from inquiring travelers.

There are many questions when it comes to choosing a lodge, packing the right gear, choosing the right time of year to visit, what can be seen, and how many days to travel.. This blog post is dedicated to providing you with that knowledge.

The Treehouse Lodge” is the only all-inclusive treehouse lodge in the Amazon, delivering a once in a lifetime experience. The Lodge is located in the Peruvian Amazon at the confluence of the stunningly beautiful and protected Yarapa and Cumaceba rivers near the Pacaya Samiria Reserve.

The Lodge features 12 private treehouses that are built into the trees that surround the property, putting you at eye level to the monkeys and birds that call this place home. Every bungalow is equipped with showers, sinks, toilets, and clean white linens. Your personal treehouse bungalow gets you up off the jungle floor and helps you enjoy the airy relief from the heat and humidity.

  • What makes an Iquitos jungle experience so special?

The treehouse lodge is a completely eco-friendly lodge dedicated to providing guests with a unique sustainable experience. Everything in the lodge is run off of solar power. All of the water used is collected rain water, and all single use plastics are avoided. All of the other waste is composted. Arborists are brought in every year to make sure each treehouse is safe, and that each tree is healthy.

  • How does the Jungle in this region differ from other jungle experiences?

The Treehouse Lodge is an all inclusive lodge. We provide transport to and from the lodge from the airport or any Iquitos hotel. During their stay, guests will enjoy their own private treehouse with a private shower and bathroom. They will be provided a private guide to take them on all of the excursions during their stay. This allows all the entire experience to be personalized to your specific group. Other lodges only offer group excursions and have set activities on set schedules. With a private guide you have the freedom to choose all of your activities and your own schedule every day. Guests are also provided 3 gourmet peruvian fusion meals each day and have access to clean beverages all day long all provided by our private onsite chef. We can also accommodate any food restrictions and language requirements with proper notice.

  • Why Treehouse Lodge over other Lodging options?

Treehouse lodge offers an immersive jungle experience, our tree houses range from 10 to 25 meters off the ground and are connected by suspension bridges. This allows guests to remain completely secluded so that they can enjoy unobstructed views and jungle sounds. All of the amenities are top of the line, and carefully inspected mosquito netting keeps guests safe all night long.

  • How many Days are recommended?

We recommend staying for at least 4 days/ 3 nights to be able to complete most of the available excursions. Guests can generally complete anywhere from 3 to 7 excursions each day depending on how active they want to be. If you plan to take it easy and do fewer excursions each day, we recommend staying extra days.

  • What should I pack when visiting the jungle?

We recommend bringing light breathable clothing that will dry quickly. It is very humid and generally very hot during the day, so this type of clothing will be the best. It is also recommended to bring a long sleeve shirt and pants to use during jungle walks. Bug spray and sunscreen are also extremely important.

Jungle Lodge Packing List:

  • Light-weight clothing that breathes and easily sheds moisture (not cotton). Take one
    set of clothes for each day.
  • Long pants are recommended for jungle walks and insect prevention.
  • Long or short sleeve shirts. Long sleeve shirts aren’t as cool, but protect better
    from insects.
  • Long socks for insect prevention
  • Hat for sun protection (baseball-style or wide-brimmed)
  • 1 – 2 pairs of comfortable walking or hiking shoes (rubber boots are provided for some
  • Insect repellent containing 20 – 30 % DEET. Many times there will be very few
    mosquitos and insects. Other times there will be many. Take a small bottle that you
    can keep in your pocket for use when needed.
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera equipment
  • High quality cameras and lenses or compact cameras, whatever suits you
  • Dry bag or other water protection (at least a Ziploc bag)
  • Don’t forget your battery charger.
  • Flashlight (headlamps are usually best)
  • Personal toiletries
  • Personal medications
  • Sandals or leisure shoes for around the lodge
  • Binoculars

  • What is there to see in the Jungle?

The Amazon jungle is home to more than 80,000 different species of plants and animals. Our expert guides help guests to identify tropical plants, unique insects and the wide variety of jungle animals. Some of the guest favorites include multiple species of monkeys, pink and gray river dolphins, parrots, parakeets, sloths, and so much more.

  • What are room accommodations like in the Jungle?

Our treehouses can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 5 guests. Each tree house has a unique layout, so guests can choose their preferences at the time of booking. Rooms are equipped with fresh white sheets, towels, clean drinking water, mosquito netting around the bed and around the treehouse, and electricity for room lighting and plugs for simple electric devices (phone/camera chargers).

  • What kind of food should we expect at the Lodge?

All of the food is Peruvian fusion. It is made from fresh local ingredients by our onsite chef. Any food restrictions can be accommodated with prior notice. We often host guests with allergies and specific dietary requirements such as vegetarians and vegans.

  • When is the best time of year to visit?

The Treehouse Lodge is incredible all year round. December to May is the high water season which means you will be able to visit more destinations by boat and see different water features. June through November is low water season which means more features will be accessible by land. Some excursions are season dependent, so we encourage guests to decide their priorities before they book.

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