The Best Multi-Day Treks in Peru

Peru is unique in that it offers a plethora of world class hikes, making it arguably one of the best hiking destinations in the world. From Incan made trails to more remote and wild landscapes it is difficult to choose which trail is best for your time in Peru. For that reason we have highlighted the 12 best multi day trails to consider on your next trip to Peru. These are organized by region in the list below.

Cusco Region:

Ausangate Circuit + Rainbow Mountain - 6 Days

  • The full Ausangate circuit trek takes a full 6 day to complete with a little extra off circuit trekking to tie in the Rainbow Mountain which lies a short distance off the main trail. This trek is considered one of the best remote multi-day treks in the world. Packing unbelievable views in every turn, and the remoteness makes for few trekkers, who are generally just visiting the Rainbow Mountain via a day trip from Cusco City. The few that extend their trekking days by linking on the Ausangate are rewarded with unique landscapes, towering peaks, hanging glaciers, turquoise lagoons, hot springs, and a plethora of wildlife. We just might as this is the best on the list….

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu - 5 Days

  • The Salkantay is considered one of the best alternative treks to the Classic Inca Trail to reach Machu Picchu. What makes this trail so special is the diversity of ecosystems as you will travers mountain passes, jungles and turquoise alpine lakes.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu -  4 Days

  • The most popular multi-day hike in all of Peru, the famous Inca Trail takes you along the historical path of the Incas. This 4 day hike is great from a historical standpoint, offering a trail that is rich with remnants from the past, but if you are seeking diversity in landscapes and remoteness check into the Agusangate region, and link on a day visit to Machu Picchu.
Huchuy Qosqo Trek - 3 Days
  • This hike is a truly hidden gem. As of now it is quite possible to not see another trekking group on this beautiful trail. Huchuy Qosqo packs its own punch and offers up a lot in just 3 days of hiking. The trail takes you though some small local communities, and then

Lares Trek - 4 days

  • For the ultimate cultural experience the trek through the Lares Valley offers another great alternative to the Inca Trail. The trek gives the traveler a unique flair of culture as you will come across Andean communities that have changed little in the last 500 + years. And you are likely to stumble upon local weavers and farming communities along the trail. The trail will also link in to a visit to Machu Picchu at the end.

Ancascocha Trek - 5 Days

  • A challenging trail that packs it all in. This off the beaten path gem, also ends with a visit to Machu Picchu, but has remained hidden. National Geographic named this in their article “National Geographic’s 20 Dream Hikes.” Along this trail your feet will find solitude along a lesser trodden portion of the historical Inca Trail. You will pass through rolling farmlands of the Vilcabamba Valley, and over mountain passes that offer up stunning views of the snow capped Cordillera. You will also pass the friendly andean villages offering up a glimpse into the day to day life of an alpaca herder. Not to mention the glacial lakes, cloud forest and ancient Incan ruins you will pass along the way.
Choquequirao Peru Tour + Machu Picchu - 6 Days
  • Compare and contrast these two amazing Incan cities on the Choquequirao trek. This hike is highlighted by a visit to the ancient city of Choquequirao, a truly lost city that remains extremely well preserved as it sits in a remote region in the Vilcabamba mountain range. This site is 3 times larger than Machu Picchu and can only be visited by putting in a couple of days of hiking effort. No roads lead here. The region is also home to a great diversity of wildlife giving you a rare chance to see the Andean Condor, foxes, spectacled bears and maybe even the puma.

Arequipa Region:

Colca Canyon - 2 or 3 Days

  • Think - Grand Canyon. The Colca canyon in Peru is actually the worlds second deepest making it twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. The trek starts in the peruvian city of Arequipa where you are transferred to the canyon rim. From here you have a challenging hike ahead dropping deep into the river below. The arid region is home to the beautiful Andean condor, and some of the most amazing visual expanses as views stretch for miles. At the bottom you will stay a night or two in a basic bungalow, many of which have private pools to relax in after a long day on the trail. The hike out is a grewling set of switchbacks to the upper rim of the canyon.

Misti Volcano - 2 Days

  • A stunning climb up one of the most accessible high summits in the world. Misti remains an active volcano, hikers will reach the summit at 19,111ft on this 2 day trek. The climb doesn't require technical gear, but the trail can prove to be challenging at this altitude as you hike through ash and sand. At the summit you will be rewarded with picturesque views well worth the effort.

Huaraz Region - Cordillera Blanca:

Huayhuash Trek - 8 - 12 days

  • Truly a hikers paradise. The Huayhuash remains one of the best multi-day trekking circuits in the world. The Cordillera range offers up a collection of peaks that stretch over 20,000ft. This location was made famous in the movie “Touching the Void.” The trail takes hikers over 8 high mountain passes. Giant snow capped peaks will tower over you as you pass stunning turquoise lakes, wildflowers, alpine creeks and beautiful hanging glaciers.

Santa Cruz Trek - 4 Days

  • An overlooked gem in the Huaraz region, this is a great option for those who dont have the time to do the Huayhuash trek. The beauty of this trail will surprise you. The trail winds through the valleys of the Cordillera Blancas in Peru's Huascaran National Park and you pass the highest point on the trek at Punta Union 4760m (15,617ft) where you will see views of the amazing valley below and some stunning alpine lakes. The remoteness of this trek puts the hiker in a truly wilderness hiking paradise.

Northern Peru:

The Gran Vilaya Trek - 3 Days
  • Located in Northern Peru, the Gran Vilaya Trek will take you along pre incan trails and through beautiful cloud forests. You will also explore remote archeological sites built by the Chachapoya people, a pre incan civilization. The highlight of the trek is reaching the Fortress of Kuélap, a site often called “Machu Picchu of the North”