Hiking in the Dolomites

The European continent is chock full of bucket list destinations. From channeling your inner Hemingway with a romantic visit Paris, tapping into your more debaucherous side with a stay in Amsterdam, or riding the rails to soak up history and culture from one country to the next, any intrepid traveler could spend a lifetime uncovering the many treasures of Europe. 

The majority of the continent’s visitors are drawn to its many world-class cities (for good reason!), but don’t overlook Europe’s natural wonders! The wilderness, nature, and parks of Europe are just as awe-inspiring as the art, culture, and history, and perhaps no area is as spectacular as the Dolomites. If you’re planning a European vacation, do yourself a favor and pencil in some time to hike or trek in the Dolomites. You’ll be glad you did! 

What are the Dolomites?

In short, the Dolomites are a mountain range north of Venice in northeastern Italy. The range spans across three provinces and is home to Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park as well as many Italian regional parks as well. While this sub-range of the Alps was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009, the magic that can be found amongst the peaks of these spectacular mountains far transcends any type of designation.  

What makes the Dolomites so special?

Beautiful Yet Affordable 

Aside from the in-your-face, jaw-dropping beauty, the Dolomites truly are something special. Compared to other European destinations, the Dolomites are surprisingly affordable. 

For the price of a bed in a hostel elsewhere in Europe, visitors to the Italian mountains can enjoy private rooms with astounding views. In conjunction with excellent public transport and delicious inexpensive meals, the Dolomites can’t be beaten.

Further, nowhere in Europe shares such an incredible confluence of culture and nature.  Small Italian villages dotting the landscape, quaint refugios tucked away in picturesque meadows and valleys, and a mountain lifestyle dating back centuries are as much a reason to visit the Dolomites as the mountains themselves.

World-Class Hiking

And, of course, there’s the hiking. The Dolomites alone boast the most beautiful and diverse hiking trails in all of Europe. Meandering through wildflower meadows, exploring alpine forests, climbing craggy cliff-sides, and summiting epic peaks – these Italian mountains have something for everyone.  

Whether you fancy an afternoon stroll or are searching for a more demanding multi-day hike, the Dolomites are here for you. Whichever you choose, these mountains promise to have you surrounded by so much natural beauty that you’ll need to stop a few times just to pick your jaw up from the trail.

How to Hike the Dolomites

While you can enjoy the mountains of Italy from the roadside, there is no better way to truly experience the majesty of the Dolomites than to put boots to ground. Hiking allows you to sink all of your senses into this breathtaking landscape, and do so at your own pace. 

Top Hiking Routes

Alta Via 1: 

Explore one of the most famous high routes in the entire Dolomites Mountain Range! This stunning 9-day hike will take you from one beautiful vista after another as you traverse north to south. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the region’s iconic alpine refugio huts, and view the Dolomites in all their rugged splendor.  Learn more…

Ladin Valleys Traverse:

For a mix of culture and jaw-dropping beauty, this 7-day adventure is the perfect choice. You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of the native Ladin people that populate this South Tyrolean region and explore their beautiful alpine villages. Additionally, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the Dolomites’ famous towering peaks and granite walls. Learn More…

Seceda Ridgeline: 

If you have only a day to spare, hiking the Seceda ridgeline is the perfect way to spend it. Located in the Puez Ödle Nature Park – in the northern reaches of the Dolomites – this hike presents the unique opportunity to ride an alpine cable car from Ortisei to the Secada lookout to start your day of hiking. From the cable car, an entire network of trails is available for you to spend the day exploring some of the most beautiful scenery the Dolomites have to offer before you take the cable car back down. 

When to Visit

Without a doubt, the spring and autumn months allow for the “quietest” mountain experience. Much like national parks in the U.S., the Dolomites get flooded with visitors in the summertime. If you are hoping to enjoy less crowded trailheads and a wilderness setting all to yourself, plan a trip in spring or fall.  


As far as navigating the region goes, both rental cars and public transportation are great options. Rental vehicles allow you to set your own schedule and explore the exact places you want, but this comes with all the same challenges and costs of renting a car elsewhere around the world. Additionally, in Italy, an International Driver’s Permit is required for anyone who doesn’t already hold an EU driver’s permit.

If renting a car is too expensive or not worth the hassle, have no fear. There are plenty of bus routes that zig-zag through the region allowing travelers ample opportunities to freely move from village to village and trailhead to trailhead. If you are not on a tight schedule and are looking to make your Dolomite vacation as affordable as possible, public transportation is an excellent option. 

There you have it, travelers! Hiking the Dolomites is an incredibly rewarding experience from amazing mountain peaks and valleys to culturally rich villages and history. So go ahead, start planning your next hiking adventure and get ready for the trip of a lifetime! 

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