Get to Know Accommodation Categories at EcoCamp Patagonia

Ecocamp Patagonia is located in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, with views of the majestic granite towers. The region’s first sustainable lodge south of the Amazon and the first of its kind in the Patagonian wilderness, EcoCamp offers upscale camping in domes inspired by the region’s ancient nomadic inhabitants.

EcoCamp Standard Domes

EcoCamp Patagonia Standard Dome:

(Shared bathroom, 10m²/108ft²)

EcoCamp Standard domes were the world's first lodge accommodation in geodesic shape. They are resistant to the strong Patagonian winds, and come equipped with two single beds (doubles on request), cozy fleece blankets and feather quilts. There are windows in the ceiling for stargazing. Standard domes include shared bathrooms which are large, comfortable and gender divided.

Please consider: Standard domes have NO heating or electricity and bathrooms are shared (gender divided)

EcoCamp Patagonia Superior Dome

EcoCamp Patagonia Superior Dome:

(Heating & Private bathroom, 23m²/250ft²)

Spacious, comfortable and equipped with private bathrooms, Superior Domes are the optimum choice for trekkers wanting that bit more space and comfort at the end of a long day’s walk. Each Superior Dome has comfortable queen-size or twin beds, a propane heater, skylight windows and a private bathroom with a sophisticated composting toilet.

EcoCamp Patagonia Suite Dome

EcoCamp Patagonia Suite Dome:

(Heating & Private bathroom, 28m²/300ft²)

Suite domes were designed to further our goal of providing comfort in a natural setting with minimal environmental impact, and also maintain the hotel’s familiar and cozy vibe. The domes have comfortable double or twin beds, a wood stove and a private bathroom with a state-of-the-art composting toilet. Stargaze through the ceiling windows while falling asleep, after enjoying a spectacular sunset from your private terrace.

EcoCamp's Suite Dome Lofts

EcoCamp's Suite Dome Lofts:

(2 floors, Heating & Private bathroom, 37m²/398ft²)

Suite dome lofts are two-story domes which fit up to four people and have comfortable double or twin beds both up and downstairs. These domes, ideal for families or groups of friends, come with a wood stove, a private terrace and a private bathroom with a state-of-the-art composting toilet. Stargaze through the ceiling windows while falling asleep, after enjoying a spectacular sunset from your private terrace.

Other Domes at EcoCamp Patagonia:

EcoCamp offers more than just a place to stay. Your time here is an enduring experience, intimately tied to bonding with nature and fellow explorers. This meaningful connection finds its apex in the community domes, the ideal nexus. Comprising four linked domes, the arrangement includes a spacious bar dome, boasting impressive mixology and a genuine sense of camaraderie. This is where you'll rendezvous with your guide for daily briefings and forge new friendships over dinner.

Community Dome

Within the community domes, you'll also discover a pair of spacious restaurants, where you can indulge in your daily breakfast and dinner. Mornings involve travelers assembling their park-bound lunchboxes. For those yearning for serenity, a more intimate living dome awaits, complete with a petite library stocked with literature centered around Patagonia.

As you arrive at EcoCamp, the initial dome to greet you is the Welcome Dome, essentially serving as the hotel's front desk. This dome is linked to an exquisite gift shop dome, showcasing regional handicrafts and mountain attire.

Concluding the arrangement, there's the expansive Yoga Dome – an immensely spacious structure designed with yoga in mind. This dome is heated and features an expansive window, allowing the sunrise to accompany your stretches and meditation. Each day, yoga classes are conducted in the early morning and upon travelers' return from their daily park explorations.

Yoga Dome

The singular exception to the dome structures is the Man Keokén Massage room, a stunning architectural gem nestled adjacent to the Yoga Dome. Reserve your much-needed massage experience within the Welcome Dome!

Man Keokén Massage room

Mountain Refugios:

The Mountain Refugios in Torres Del Paine


These are typical mountain huts, open to the public visiting Torres del Paine. They have rooms for 4-6 people. The beds are single bunks and we will provide you with a sleeping bag and a polar fleece liner (you don't need to bring a sleeping bag!). The bathrooms are also shared and they have hot water. The refugios are heated and have a very comfortable dining area where plentiful meals are served. If refugios are unavailable, alternative accommodation will be provided in tents with prior notice.

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