5 Can’t Miss Adventures in Jordan

Wadi Mujib

1. Wadi Mujib

Why go?

  • Fun day-trip from Amman
  • Physically challenging adventure hike through a canyon with rushing rapids

Wadi Mujib, located about an hour and a half from central Amman is a can’t miss day trip for all fit adventurers. While not for the faint of heart, hiking this canyon may feel a little bit like white water rafting. Wadi Mujib is controlled by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) and has an entrance tourist ticket for 21 JOD (about $30 USD). Walking through the natural gorge, you’ll see the magnificent colors and stunning height of the stone faces around you.

Um Al Dami summit hike

2. Summiting Um Al Dami

Why go?

  • Highest peak in Jordan yet a manageable hike that can be done in only two hours of walking with just a little scrambling
  • Beautiful hour-long jeep tour ride through Wadi Rum to the Mountains remote location right by the Jordan-Saudi Border. The Jeep ride is often done in the early morning, allowing you to enjoy the serenity of the nature reserve
  • Good activity to do if you have extra time in Wadi Rum

At a height of 1,854 meters, summiting this peak will give you the pride of conquering the tallest peak in Jordan. Yet while this hike requires some scrambling, it is a relatively short and accessible hike. Most of the hike is simple walking up, a relatively low grade, there may be a couple sections where you need to use your hands for stability. On a clear day the views from the top of the mountain are unreal. You may see the Gulf of Aqaba and into the Sinai Peninsula.

Dana to Petra Hike

3. Dana to Petra Hike (Jordan Trail)

Why go?

  • Best section of the Jordan Trail
  • Rated as one of the world’s 15 Best hikes by National Geographic
  • 5-day trek from Dana Nature Reserve to the ancient city of Petra.
  • Enter Petra via the back route past the Monastery.
  • Enjoy the hospitality of our Bedouin guides.

This hike offers Great hiking, culture and is quintessential Jordan. Trekking to the hidden city of Petra takes you along ancient footpaths through spectacular desert landscapes, wadis also known as canyons, and rugged mountain terrain with native Jordanian guides who have spent their lives exploring this region.

Wadi Hasa Hike

4. Wadi Hasa

Why go?

  • Beautiful canyon, water, tropical, lush and remote
  • Best done as a two-day hike and camping under the stars for the night in between
  • For this hike, we carry all the gear we need and the guide will prepare your meals by cooking pan over the fire

Wadi Hasa is many locals favorite hike and/or valley (wadi) in Jordan. Much different than the more active (and crowded) Wadi Mujib to its north, this Wadi feels very serene.  There is no entrance ticket for this hike, just open nature. In fact, you are likely to have this hike to yourself.  You can take your time on this hike, and view the landscapes, stark white limestone, clear water, and hanging vegetation. To further relax, try resting by one of the many hot springs along the way. The hike is 20+ km’s from start to finish. We think it’s best breaking it into two days to enabling you to go at a leisurely pace and camp out in the quiet oasis.

The Jordan Bike Trail

5. The Jordan Bike Trail

Why Go?

Like the better know Jordan Trail (hiking), the Jordan Bike Trial enables fit cyclist to take in the country’s beautiful landscapes and authentically experience the renowned hospitality of the region. The trail offers a deep dive into the country enabling you to see and experience much more than traditional tourists and even more than many Jordanians.

The bike trail is a mixed-surface adventure ride from through three distinctive regions of Jordan from north to south. Along the way pass by a gold mine of historical and natural wonders, and your fair share of locals offering you in for a cup of tea. For the most authentic cultural and natural experience of Jordan take one of the trails. And remember, all food, beverage, accommodation and other expenses along the trail support the local communities.

See all Jordan Trips here. All of the mention trips above can be designed by our expert team via our custom trip page.

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