#1. Millpu Lagoons (Ayacucho):

A location that involves determination and time to get to, truly off the beaten track. Millpu is a collection of roughly 20 natural pools of turquoise water located in the countryside of Peru’s Ayacucho Region, these glacial fed pools my look like the best natural swimming pools you have ever seen, but don’t be fooled they are ice cold! To visit you need to make you way to the small town of Circamarca, where you will pay a small entrance fee to the community for accessing their lands. The hike takes around 30 to 45 minutes to reach the pools.


#2. Gocta Waterfall:

Did you know Peru is host to one of the tallest waterfalls in the world? The Gocta Waterfall is an incredible 771 meter (2,529 feet) high waterfall. It has been considered by some calculations be the 3rd highest in the world! A must see if you are looking for a location seldom seen.

#3. Choquequirao Trek:

Known as the sister to Machu Picchu, this is a trek for the true adventurer. Spanning 4 days you will reach the Inca site on day 2, where it is not uncommon to have the place completely to yourself.


#4. Ausangate Trek :

A short 3 hour drive from Cusco brings you to the base of Apus Ausangate a wilderness that is highlighted by the well known Rainbow Mountain region, but the overlooked multi day treks extending into this region offer up some of the most amazing landscapes in all of South America, trust us, this will likely be the highlight of your trip.

#5. Huchuy Qosqo Trek:

This greatly overlooked day trek from Cusco, offers up some remote culture, ruins and inca history. On this lightly trafficked trail you will likely see no other tourists, with ultimate views of the surrounding Sacred valley and its snow capped peaks. The Huchuy Qosqo site is host to amazing Inca buildings like sacred temples, storehouses and Inca terraces for used agriculture.


#6. Homestay Titicaca :

Most people just spend a day, but to truly experience this place you’ll want to stay the night with a local family. Enjoy solitude on a 2 day Homestay tour: home cooked Peruvian meals, a guided sail boat ride on the lake and help out tending to the family farm animals!


#7. Mancora:

Peru’s best beach getaway, this strip of sandy beach on Peru’s northern coast is really only known to Peruvians, and is classified as their secret hideaway! This Pacific coast gem is known for year round sun, surf-able beaches and local seafood. To reach this location you'll want to catch a from Lima to the nearby airport.

#8. Colca Canyon, Llahuar Route

The Colca Canyon, is fairly well known amongst travelers to Peru most visitors take a full day to visit by bus and are rewarded with views of the surrounding volcanos and local animals that roam the high plateaus such as Alpaca, Llama and vicuñas ending at the Cruz del Condor lookout. But, if you are looking for a true off the beaten track adventure check out the Llahuar Route. An epic 3 day hike that will take you deep into a remote region of the Colca Canyon. Night one you will visit Llahuar where you can bask thermal hot springs overlooking deep canyon walls. Night 2 takes you to the popular Oasis, where you will likely see more travelers, but is a magical place.


#9. Q'eswachaka Rope Bridge:

Visit the last remaining hand woven Inca rope bridge known as Q'eswachaka. Made of woven grasses, the impressive bridge spans over 100 feet. Sanding on the bridge you will be suspended 60 feet over the rushing Apurimac river and  Canyon below. This creation can be visited via a day trip from Cusco city, about 3 hours from drive.


#10. Palccoyo Mountain

Not yet on the tourist radar, Palccoyo offers up striking views of 3 distinct rainbow colored mountains. A region similar to the popular “Rainbow Mountain” but much less visited. The mountains in this region are not as dramatic but you will find solitude here. Located 3 hours from Cusco in the town of Palccoyo.

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