10 Best Souvenirs to Get in Peru

1. Alpaca Sweater

Alpaca wool fibers are used widely in South America and Peru specifically, as these animals are native to the region and have been utilized since Incan times for the resourcefulness of their wool fibers. Alpaca sweaters are a great souvenir to bring home as they are unique to this part of the world.

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2. Chullo Hat

This is a unique hat design found in the Peruvian region of South America. These hats are traditionally designed with ear flaps that can be tied around the chin for added warmth in the Andean highlands. Still used by locals today, these hats are a unique treasure, and are both practical and stylish.

Chullo Hats

3. Alpaca Blanket

These beautifully woven blankets can provide the perfect pop for your living space at home, while reminding you of the amazing time you had in Peru. Unlike sheeps wool that can be quite itchy, Alpaca wool fibers are much softer, warmer, lighter than every other natural fiber, including Merino and Cashmere.

We really love the Tumi blankets.

Alpaca Wool Blankets

4. Alpaca Dolls

These fluffy alpaca toys are a great gift item, or they can be used as decoration back home. A great item for kids as well, as they might be the softest thing on earth. These cute items come in various sizes and colors all made from 100% alpaca wool.

Alpaca Dolls

5. Pucará Bulls

With high spiritual and protective value in Andean cultures these clay art pieces are great souvenir items. Local Peruvians will place these on the roofs of their homes and you will see them in many of the remote communities. Different patterns and color hold different meanings so be sure to ask about them in the shops.

Pucará Bulls

6. Andean Flute

Music is important to the Peruvian culture, and is played in religious festivals, celebrations, and pilgrimages across the different Andean regions. In history these pan flutes were made from bones, condor feathers, clay and other materials, but bamboo became the material of choice. You can find many different designs and beautifully crafted flutes in many of the local shops in the main tourist areas.

Andean Flutes

7. Chakana (Incan Cross)

The Andean Cross, is often seen in handicrafts such as pendants, necklaces, rings and other jewelry. It derives from pre incan times and represents the northern cross, a constellation that is seen in the southern hemisphere.

Chakana (Incan Cross)

8. Textiles

You can find traditional Peruvian fabrics made of brightly colored patterns and designs. These are typically woven and utilized to make shoes, backpacks, pillowcases, blankets, tablecloths and many other useful items.  

9. Pisco Liquor

The drink of the Andes, you can't leave Peru without trying the local liquor called Pisco. Distilled from fermented grape juice into a high-proof spirit similar to Brandy. Pisco sours are the traditional cocktail mixing the liquor with various local ingredients, trust us it is delicious. It's always worth considering bringing home a bottle to share with friends and family back home.

Pisco Liquor

10. Coca Leaves

Sworn to alleviate the side effects that come with being in the high elevations of the Peruvian Andes, such as headache, fatigue, dehydration, nausea...etc Coca leaves are often brewed into a coca tea and can serve as a delicious way to hydrate & fight altitude sickness, as many of the regions in Peru lie above 10,000ft. You can find Coca leaves widely in the local markets that line the streets.

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