Nature Unplugged - 5 Days in Peru

Unplug from your devices, let go of your daily to-do list and join us on a journey to experience the natural wonder and rich culture of Peru.

Nature Unplugged - 5 Days in Peru

Unplug from your devices, let go of your daily to-do list and join us on a journey to experience the natural wonder and rich culture of Peru.

FlashpackerConnect teams up with Nature Unplugged to offer a truly unique experience. Join Sebastian and Sonya, co-founders of Nature Unplugged, as they bring their wellness program abroad. In addition to experiencing the beauty and wonder of Peru, you will learn about how to create balance and live more intentionally in our digital age.

Our 5 days in Peru itinerary packs in adventure to all the classic sites such as the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu and the Rainbow Mountain. Even those limited in time can enjoy all the iconic sites!

May 11-15, 2020 (12 spots)

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You will be greeted outside the Cusco airport by a FlashpackerConnect representative who will transfer you to your hotel.

Welcome to the Workshop: Experience Nature Unplugged  (1.5 Hours)

On our first day, We’ll spend time getting to know our fellow travel companions and Nature Unplugged hosts, Sonya and Sebastian. Cell phones will be put to “sleep” and a brief orientation and review of Workshop topics will be given. Each participant will be provided with their own copy of the Nature Unplugged workbook and cell phone sleeping bag.

Cusco City tour: Time TBD (4-5 hours)

We begin with the guide meeting you at your hotel for pick up and then heading to Cusco’s Plaza de Armas, where you will visit the famous cathedral (entry of 25 soles). Following, you will continue on foot through an ancient Inca-built street from the Plaza de Armas to the Q’oricancha (entry of 15 soles), the Temple of the Sun. At the Q’oricancha you will be able to compare and contrast the building methods of the Incan culture and Catholicism. This was the key spiritual center of the Incas, which leads to all four quarters of the Inca Empire. There is also a bronze, high altar to be seen.

From Q’oricancha, your group will walk down Avenida El Sol, where you will take your bus 25 minutes outside of the city. You will be taken to the majestic Inca site, Sacsayhuaman, with its enigmatic, 200 ton monoliths, you will be able to hear from your guide and then, explore on your own.

From Sacsayhuaman, you will take a five minute bus ride to the Q’enqo Inca site to see its fascinating Incan altars. Following, you will take another five minute drive to Puca Pucara, a small, circular Inca site. The final stop on our tour is Tambomachay, a water temple with impressive water fountains, thought to be used by the Inca for bathing. We’ll then drive back down to Cusco where the tour ends in the main square.

Overnight in Cusco


Nature Unplugged Moments: Mindfulness and Engaged Living  (NU Workbook)

Mindfulness has hit the mainstream, but It's not always clear what mindfulness actually is. We'll give you a brief history and orientation to mindfulness and will include a few mindfulness practices throughout the day and trip (, mindful eating, walking and breathing meditations). There are many options and opportunities to practice mindfulness throughout the day, it's all about finding what works best for you.

Sacred Valley Tour:

You will be picked up from your hotel in Cusco between 8am for the start of your tour. Our first stop will be Awanacancha Alpaca farm where you will get a glimpse of local Peruvian animals such as Alpacas, llamas and viñuna. Here your guide will explain the history of the animals and why they are important to the economy. In addition to that you will visit the textiles center displaying local crafts and trade item and be able to appreciate the best works of craftsmanship that the Incas produced.

From here we will take the road that leads to Pisac stopping for a moment at El Mirador del Valle Sagrado- the Sacred Valley lookout point to soak in the incredible views of the Andes Mountains. We will then make our way to the Pisac archeological site where your guide will give you an overview of the area and allow you to explore. Continuing on to Urubamba we will stop for lunch at a local Peruvian buffet where you can enjoy a plethora of fresh Peruvian style dishes to feast on.

After lunch we will have time for one last stop- Ollantaytambo, the second most important ruins behind Machu Picchu. Here we will walk the ruins and enjoy a guided tour as we soak in the spectacular craftsmanship surrounding us. We will then board the train from Ollantaytambo and make our way to Aguas Calientes.

The train journey itself is filled with stunning views and will take just under 2 hours. Once you arrive to Aguas Calientes you will check you into your hotel and have free time to enjoy the village. If you would like to take advantage of the time you have this evening, you can visit the Machu Picchu museum, the orchid exhibition, or the butterfly garden, located 40 minutes outside the village (walking), or simply relax in the hot springs near town. (B)

Overnight in Aguas Calientes


Nature Unplugged Moments: Presence and Creativity

No doubt about it, the main event will be visiting Machu Picchu. Given the higher altitude, it will be important to bring and keep awareness of your breath - for wellness and to stay present at one of the most incredible places in the world. We’ll also offer short, guided stretching sessions to keep your body limber for exploring and adventure. Finally, you'll engage in a short creativity session to connect with the beauty and wonder all around you.

Machu Picchu Tour:

Today is the most magical day of your journey. Depending on your entrance time to Machu Picchu your guide will help you determine the best time to wake up for your tour. If you have the early entrance you will wake up around 4am to catch the first bus up to Machu Picchu and see the sun rise over the ruins. If you have a later entrance you will be able to enjoy a it more sleep before taking the bus up to the ruins (entrance times will be assigned to you depending on how far in advance you book). Your guide will take about 2 hours explaining the highlights of Machu Picchu and the beautiful sites. Afterwards, if you have booked the option to hike Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mountain you will have time for your hike and have free time to walk the ruins on your own. In the afternoon, you will get back on the bus and head to Aguas Calientes town. You will then board the train back to Ollantaytambo, where a private van will be waiting for your ride back to Cusco arriving between 6-8pm.

Overnight in Cusco

DAY 4: Free Day to Explore Cusco City + Cooking Class

Nature Unplugged Moments: Restore and Reflect

It's time for a little R&R: Restore and Reflect. This day will give you the opportunity to rest and recover. We'll start our day with a restorative yoga session and show you how to use a tennis ball for self care. In addition to caring for our bodies, we'll spend some time tending to our minds through a reflection about our relationships with nature and technology.

Free Day - Optional Cooking class

At 2pm you will meet your chef/instructor and listen to a brief introduction on Peruvian cuisine. This class is geared toward curious travelers that want to learn by doing, not just by eating at local restaurants. Through the chef's commentary, come to understand the history of Peruvian cuisine in a way that you couldn't by simply tasting a few local delicacies.

Head to the San Pedro Market on a guided tour, where you'll learn how to pick out the best ingredients by color, aroma, and texture. Taste several varieties of exotic fruits endemic to Peru before returning to the restaurant's kitchen for your cooking lesson. Learn how to make dishes, such as ceviche with fresh fish, the national drink pisco sour, and lomo saltado (stir-fry dish). Then, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Overnight in Cusco


Nature Unplugged Moments: The Benefits of Nature

During our trek, we will focus on experiencing nature by engaging all of our senses and exploring the many benefits of time in nature. After we return to the hotel, Wwe will guide a brief closing to our time together in Peru and discuss how we can experience nature unplugged moving forward.

Rainbow Mountain Trek:

Your day starts in Cusco where you are picked up from your hotel at 2:15am for a 3.5 hour trip via private van to the start of the trail. You will be given a local Peruvian style breakfast prepared by our chef and fuel up for the hike ahead of you.

The hike to the rainbow mountain will take around 2 hours and is a distance of 4 kilometers (2.5 miles). Throughout your journey you will pass through a vibrant green valley with the snow capped peak of Ausangate towering in the distance. You will see hundreds of roaming alpaca, and have the chance to truly see how Quechua people live. As you get closer to the Rainbow Mountain you will begin to see the first signs of the colored minerals that formed the painted hills. Your guide will explain what makes up the existence of the Rainbow Mountain and how it was formed, and finally with one last push you will hike up to a vantage point that gives you a 360 degree view of the beautiful landscape that makes up the sacred land.

We will have snacks on top and take a relaxing break to soak up the vistas, where you can enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. At this time you can also enjoy some coca tea that the locals prepare for visitors. After about an hour we will continue on to the red valley, another awe inspiring area not to be missed by trekkers but seldom visited. From here, we continue our hike back to the trailhead (1 hour), where you will have a gourmet lunch prepared by our chef in a traditional mud-house and depart back to Cusco. Arriving in Cusco around 4pm. (B,L)

Overnight in Cusco


Cusco → Lima (morning / afternoon flights available)

We will transfer you to the Cusco airport and say our goodbyes. Itinerary ends at the Lima airport. (B)

Additional Trip Info

  • Domestic flights - (Lima to Cusco, round trip)
  • Airport transfers in Cusco
  • All accommodation - (3 star hotel, upgrades available on request)
  • Entrance fees
  • Transfers to/ from your hotel to the tours
  • Fluent English / Spanish speaking local guides
  • Some meals
  • First aid kit/ oxygen
  • Insurance
  • Gratuity
  • Extras
  • Services not indicated
  • International flights

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